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Finally, an easy way to fill out and give a memory journal

  • Traditional memory journals sit unfinished — thick and intimidating. And when life gets busy, they’re forgotten.
  • We’ve reinvented the memory journal so it’s easy to complete. We email you new questions every week. You simply write back, and after all questions are through, we create a book from your responses and ship it to you!
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How it works

How it works


We email new questions to the memory journal author on the schedule they choose


Simply respond to the emails as if it were a chat with the intended book recipient


Once all the questions have responses, we create and print your custom book, then ship it to your door!



Finish drop by drop

Answering questions in bite-sized amounts is fun and easy instead of overwhelming


Automatic reminder

Weekly emails remind you automatically, versus yet another task to remember


Add pictures

Just attach an image to your reply, and it will be added to the album, printed in f u l l   c o l o r


Custom questions

During setup you can add your own questions. You won’t find that in any other keepsake journal!


Skip questions

Just reply "skip" to any question emails you don’t like and we won’t print those. No more blank pages in your book!

Fill out wherever

Fill it out in those spare minutes at the coffeeshop without lugging a physical book with you


Similar copies

Sister wants the same book from Mom that Bro just got? No problem. Only questions unique to the recipient will be asked again, saving parents from answering the same questions for e-v-e-r-y child.

Yeah really !

No app

No account signup

and No pesky subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a memory journal?

Memory journals (memory books, keepsake journals, guided journals, etc.) make a popular gift that celebrates the person filling it out. This is often to learn more about loved ones, share wisdom with younger generations, or to remember someone when they’re gone. They can even be used as a do-it-yourself autobiography starter guide.

How is this different from a memoirs-type book?

It’s all about the target audience of who’s going to read the book. Memoirs typically have answers solely about the author that do not involve the reader of the book and are written for a general audience. Many of our questions asked involve the relationship of the person who will be reading the book to the author, such as "What is one of your favorite stories about me growing up?" Such a personal question wouldn’t be found in a memoir.

How long does the whole process take?

It varies based on the email frequency that the author chooses during setup. With one hundred questions on the default schedule of one email every other day, it would take roughly seven months to fill out. You can choose daily questions to complete sooner or fewer emails to give yourself more time. It’s up to you! We send emails on a schedule rather than only after getting a response, because this creates an automatic reminder and helps authors complete the book in a timely fashion. Please allow an additional 3 weeks for printing and shipping.

Who is this for?

Right now we have books intended to be written from Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, and Father perspectives. The questions in each book are tailored to the relationship to you that you choose during checkout.

How many questions are there?

Each book has 100 thought-inspiring questions for the author. No "what is your favorite color" questions here! Plus you can add up to an additional ten custom questions to your book during the setup process. You can also delete any questions that you don’t like at that time. Deleted questions won’t be asked or printed, resulting in a more polished final book.

What are some examples of some of the questions?

The questions in each book are different based on the relationship of author to recipient. Some examples of questions from parent to child are:
●"What do you wish you had spend more time on in your youth?" ●"What is one of the hardest decisions you ever had to make?" ●"What is one of your favorite memories of you and me growing up?" ●"How did you and Dad meet, and what was that like?"

What if I’m not happy with it?

Our passion is to create an amazing product that you will love and treasure. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return the book to us and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

More questions?

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What others are saying

I added a few personal questions to mine, excited to see what my parents write! Thanks for this.
Kris M. Jacksonville, FL
A great way to capture thoughts from my mother. Yes, she can still use email at 82! :)
Nicole M. Ventura, CA
A little pricey compared to a book, but the email system gets me to do it. I know my son is going to love reading it.
Carmen M. Oakland, CA
LOVE the ability to attach pictures to the emails. Perfect for my #shutterbug dad and I love not having to ask him to work on it! :D
Maylin Y. New York, NY
I bought this to give to my daughter who will be a mother soon. I am filling it out with three questions a week, which is perfect pace for me. I like that I can set the pace myself.
Lenny D. Corpus Christi, TX

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Printed Book


  • Personalized memory journal plus question & response email service
  • Glossy softcover
  • 8×10 in. portrait layout
  • High-quality color print for images and deep colors
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Includes digital copy for sharing or archival
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Printed Book + Digital Copy


  • Personalized memory journal plus question & response email service
  • Glossy softcover
  • 8×10 in. portrait layout
  • High-quality color print for images and deep colors
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Includes digital copy for sharing or archival
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The story behind the idea

Memory books, keepsake journals.. whatever you want to call them — I first learned about them a few years ago when my sister received a completed one from our mom and dad for Christmas. 🎄 She had given it to them to fill out a while before that. I instantly wanted to capture the thoughts and memories of my parents also while they were still with us.

So in my excitement, I went out and found my own memory journals to give them. Let’s just say their response was less than enthused. 😆

You see, Mom and Dad had just received more memory books from my other sister, and were already feeling the burden of filling them out. I imagine when they looked at them, the books would transform into an iron ball and chain in front of their eyes, like a scene out of a cartoon. What was supposed to be a blessing to the next generation had become a curse to the current one.

Over a year and a half later, I called my mom. "Hey Mom, how are those memory books coming along?" "Oh.. you know, we haven’t started on them. I was planning on filling them out, but then we moved, and I kinda forgot about them."

It was then that Most Sincerely was born.

They say the answer to How to eat an elephant is "one bite at a time." Answering a single question by email is something easy that anybody can do and working on it in small chunks makes it actually fun to fill out. The email’s arrival would also automatically remind my parents to fill it out, saving me from having to nag them.

So don’t be a nag.
Don’t give a curse.

Give Most Sincerely instead! ❤️ 🎁 ❤️

Joel Wigton, Founder

Joel Wigton


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